Service calls mean one thing – equipment is not working properly and it needs to be fixed. Years of working with our loyal customers have allowed us to find out what commercial and industrial facility managers demand – highly qualified mechanics that are able to troubleshoot and fix equipment right the first time.

Our union trained and certified Journeyman mechanics understand the trade-offs facing those who are responsible for maintaining facilities and managing ever shrinking budgets. While the use of Journeyman can marginally increase an individual service call repair, it ultimately lowers operating costs because of the thoroughness of our mechanics and our willingness to stand behind our work.

Individual costs to repair are important but overall cost to operate can be even more compelling. Understanding when a quick fix is required or when a longer-term approach is needed should be properly put into perspective for person accountable for cost controls. Our ability to simplify the issues and provide insight into options available to the facilities management team is one of our strengths. A&B is not factory affiliated with any one manufacturing which gives us our broad experience and troubleshooting ability.